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RESULT (2017)

Official Selection

The AAB International Film Fest announces the Official Selection of 2017 (Annual Event), Jury will select the winners of each category and announced on.


  • There was a place, Director-Irene Garces, Spain​

  • The red laces, Director-Simone Valentini, Italy​

  • The Eve, Director-Luca Machnich.​

  • Heavenkid, Director-Derrick, Yung-Te, Wu, Taiwan​

  • Singularity, Director-Aditya Patwardhan, United States​

  • Kanche,  Director-Swati Sarkar, India​

  • (Little) Red Riding Hood, Director-Stéphane GUENIN, Daniel JENNY, United States​

  • Moh Dia Tandhaa, Director-Priyanka Gill, India​

  • Watch the Stars for me Tonight, Director-Shalini Raghaviah, India​

  • Anuragi – Aazadi, Director-Abbas Shamael Rizvi, India​

  • The Butterfly, Director-Nisheeta Keni, India​

  •  Kayla's World, Director-Kate Bohan, United States​

  • Right Here For You, Director-Kate Bohan, United States​

  •  Decay, Director-Matilda Wikingson, Sweden​

  •  DOLL, Director-JIA HE, Australia​

  • The Old Man by Indigorado, Director-Kenneth Åkerland Berg, Norway​

  • Hate, Director-Jose Bibian, Netherlands​

  • Invisible, Director-Andreas Anastasis, United States​

  • Shame, Director-ALBERTO REY GARCIA, Spain​

  • First Rendezvous, Director-Dániel Orosz, Hungary​

  • Mirror, Director-Sara Eustáquio, United States​

  • Blindspot, Director-Josh Seven, India 

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