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RESULT (2018)

Official Selection

The AAB International Film Fest announces the Official Selection of 2018(Annual Event), Jury will select the winners of each category and announced on.


  • The Hafiz Project - "The Brilliance of Your Own Being", Director-Eric Mann, United States​

  • Bitch, Popcorn & Blood, Director-Fabio Soares, France​

  • The Wheel, Director-Raito Nishizaka, Japan​

  • Meeraas (Inheritance), Director-Saurabh Thakur, India​

  • Special,  Director-Kishan SB, India​

  • Fourth Wall,  Director-Nishanth Gopinath, India​

  • A Beautiful Dawn, Director-Ahmed Ferchichi, Tunisia​

  • D.A.T.E, Director-Sai Deodhar Anand, India​

  • Gutless, Director-Nathan Cragun, United States​

  • IN MY DREAMS, Director-Thomas Buschbeck, Canada​

  • KITAAB, Director-Kamlesh K Mishra, India​

  • Longing, Director-begütay temurhan, Turkey​

  • Compensation, Director-Chu-Yi Chen, China​

  • Slurp, Director-Florent Hill, France​

  • The Crime, Director-Prashanth Vallur, India​

  • Feet, Director-Prithvi Prakash, India​

  • The Heart and The Void - A House by the sea, Director-Daniele De Muro, Italy​

  • DEW DROPS, Director-POOJA SINGH, India​

  • Hot, Director-José Bibian, Netherlands​

  • Il Dominio della Lacrima - Lacrymosa, Director-Manuel Koch, Italy​

  • Toronto Tabla Ensemble - Faceoff, Director-Melissa Das-Arp, Canada​

  • Your right to move on, Director-Manpreet dhami, India​

  • 2FACES, Director-Amingo THORA, Martinique

  • 8 Minutes, Director-George Gogichaishvili, David Abramishvili, Georgia

  • Shaholly, Director-Wojciech Lorenc, United States​

  • Harmless, Director-Vishesh Mankal, India​

  • VISCERA, Director-Rafi Tannous, Lebanon

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