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RESULT (January 2019)

Official Selection

The AAB International Film Fest announces the Official Selection of March 2019, Jury will select the winners of each category and announced on.

  • The Docks - A 60 Second Noir, Director by Matthew D Gilpin, United Kingdom 

  •  Pose, Director by Britney Ngaw, United States 

  • The Modelist, Director by Ben Mottershead, United Kingdom 

  • Harvest fest, Director by Olof Berghe, Sweden 

  • The Law of Retribution, Director by ALDIVAN TEIXEIRA TORRES, Brazil 

  • The Atlas One Trailer, Director by Alex Zarfati II, United States

  • Dark ages: Rise of Charlemagne, Director by Alex Zarfati II, United States

  • GWYR II Vision of Times, Director by GEORGIOS DIMITROPOULOS, United Kingdom 

  • Perfect Fit, Directed by Jesse Haaja, Finland

  • A lost penny, Directed by Madeleine Clair, France

  • INSPIRATA, Directed by Roselle Doyle, Canada

  • Lilies, Directed by Doug Rollins, United Kingdom

  • Sare Jahan Se Accha, Directed by Gurprasad Singh, India 

  • Attica Greece - In Motion, Directed by Stamatis Liontos, Greece

  • Tesoros, Directed by Salvador Alvarado, Mexico

  • Return, Directed by Valentina Bespalaia, Russian Federation

  • The Zero-Sum Perspective, Directed by Jakob Thomsen, Germany

  • Rabb Mileya - Have you ever met GOD?, Director by Gurlove Singh Ratol, India 

  • Blind Text, Director by Katalina Kovecses, Canada

  • Skyscrapers, Director by FABIENNE GIEZENDANNER, Switzerland

  • Dei Karthik, Directed by Abdul Zaheer, India

  • Ticket, Director by Abhik Das, India

  • The Magician, Director by Paul Rhodis, United States

  • Dhachka, Director by Devik Rathod, India

  • Mirchi Cafe, Director by Mehkansh Kathuria, India 

  • A PLACE CALLED MUSTANG, Director by Santanu Ray, India 

  • On the Verge of ___, Director by Anna Antonova, Russian Federation

  • IMPACT, Director by Bas Goossens, Netherlands

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