Official Selection: May 2018

The AAB Film Fest announces the Official Selection of April 2018, Jury will select the winners of each category and announced on  25th May 2018.

Nano Short Films - 1 Minutes Only

  • untitled video portrait (Radio Edit), Director by Christopher Matthews ,United Kingdom

  • Black ,Director by YAVUZ ÜÇER ,Turkey

  • State of Stillness, Director by Camiel Zwart , Netherlands

Micro Short Films - 5 Minute Only

  • SOLILOQUY, Director by NISAR IBRAHIM, United Arab Emirates

  • Victory, Director by Vishal Bhalla, Germany

  • Take my hand, Director by francesco siro brigiano, Italy

  • Cross the Bridge, Director by Marc Eikelenboom, Netherlands

  • Solo, Director by Robert Jones , United States

  • Helena's Dream, Director by Heloise Magny ,Canada

  • Vinashi - One who destroys, Director by Abhilash Shetty ,India

  • WaspArt, Director by Salvador Conesa, Spain

Short Films - 15 Minutes Only

  • The Returning, Director by Paul Russel, Malaysia

  • Pandora's Box, Director by Hiroki Ohsawa ,United States

  • Guruji, Director by  Revant Bhatia ,India

  • Muthalidam Nokki ( Towards No. 1), Director by Arudra, India

  • Strawberry or lemon, Director by Paul Dean Vieillefrance, Spain

  • Look at Me, Director by  Prasad Cherkady, India

  • Waft, Director by  Vishnu Udayan ,India

  • Backfire, Director by Eli Eisenstein , United States

  • The Drone Master, Director by Sébastien Duhem , France

  • Dystopia, Director by bellopropello , Switzerland

  • DREAMS, Director by Athithya Kanagarajan, India

  • Namibia (english version), Director by Matthieu Vinel , France

  • Freund, Director by Nathan Cragun,United States

  • Hollow Me, Director by  Shahrad Fredotti , United States

  • Isle of Capri: A Song of My Mother, Director by  Dawn Young, United States

Student Short Films - 20 Minutes Only

  • MEAT BLUE, Director by Lucas Leônidas,Brazil

  • Forgive Me, Director by Dayna Li ,United States

  • And the forest began to sing, Director by Lionel RIGAL, France

Macro Short Films - 30 Minutes Only

  • NAGARUM NODIYIL ("MOVING SECONDS" in English), Director by Raj Eshwar , India

  • Resolution, Director by Dimitris Asproloupos, Greece

  • Nemesi, Director by Simone Ciancotti Petruc ,  Italy


  • Masterpiece, Director by Marc Eikelenboom , Netherlands

  • Black Snow, Director by Stephen Linstead ,  United Kingdom

  • SHERMAN, Director by Patrick Hogue , United States

  • MONOLITH, Director by Taylor Minter, United States

  • By The Book, Director by Miguel Cruz Carretero , United States

  • Ainhoa, Director by Ivan Sainz-Pardo ,Spain

  • The Lottery, Director by Robert Butler , United States

Feature Films

  • The Last Divide, Director by Dillon Garland , Canada

  • The Reprogramming of Jeremy, Director by Gail Wagner, United States

  • Creepy Crawling, Director by  Chelsea Comeau, Canada

  • THREE THE MOVIE, Director by  Yassine Marco Marroccu , Italy

  • The March of Hope, Director by Jim Kroft ,Germany

  • one night out, Director by Ravinddra khare,India

  • TRUSHART, Director by  Arun Mavnoor ,India

  • War of the Youth, Director by  HO FUNG , Hong Kong                                           

Web Series

  • Phoenix Reign, Director by Nicholas Thomas , United States

Music Video

  • The Letting Go - Music Video, Director by  Tyler McElrath , United States

  • Who I Am, Director by  Dawn Young , United States

  • Truia,Director by Salla Hongisto , Finland


  • Agartha, Episode 1: Unfamiliar Faces, Unfamiliar Places , Written by Alaura Morris United States

  • Cry Baby Bridge, Written by by Mike McDonald ,  United States

  • United States of China,United States

  • NYROP,Written by Ed Sarge, United States

  • FINDING SUPERMAN,Written by Jessi Thind , Canada

  • Don,Written by Alberto Battistutti, Italy

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